22yo Photographer, Online Entrepreneur and Life Enjoyer. I‘m building my empire, trying to inspire others and live to the fullest.

Our first VLOG 001: WELLNESS HORAL BLOG / Published on 29. 07. 2016 The R8’s ride for a new paint job! BLOG / Published on 18. 04. 2016 Finally back on the road! BLOG / Published on 03. 04. 2016 In love with the new Autoflex peelable paint! New color for the R8? BLOG / Published on 23. 02. 2016 California Dreamin’: Fighting my biggest fear BLOG / Published on 15. 02. 2016 Smoke Grenade Photoshoot: Failed BLOG / Published on 06. 02. 2016

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They called us dreamers, but we're the ones who don't sleep

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