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Finally back on the road!

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After several weeks of servicing, during which the R8 got many parts checked and/or exchanged, we are finally back on the road! But the biggest and most important improvement on the car is brand new and custom-made exhaust (video soon). I wanted it LOUD, but when I first started it up it was beyond my expectations! Even I got scared :) But I got used to it quickly and started enjoying every revving or downshifting (a lot!). It is like whole different car! Only now it is a proper supercar so I took it for its first spring drive together with my friends!

It was amazing when we drove through cities in a group of three cars that together have over 1000 HP (Nissan 350Z, Chevrolet Camaro and Audi R8). Even other people were interested in the cars: they were taking pictures, wanted to hear the revved engine and were altogether excited! Which is exactly what I like about these cars – they can make the day not only for their owners, but for other people as well!