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I am starting my own blog!

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It is hard to believe, even for me, but after two years of running I have decided to start a blog, both for picjumbo and for, well, me!

I have so much on my mind that I want to share. So I have decided to give it some nice form and regularly share ideas and thoughts – not only about entrepreneurship but also about little daily joys from my personal life, so you can get to know the Viktor Hanacek (also known as me) who is behind the websites like or


Besides of photography, business and traveling my other hobbies are cars; and because, as they say, happiness is only real when shared, I hope you will enjoy this and maybe even get inspired at the same time. Only a few know that I am also behind Czech lifestyle magazine FRESHJAM.CZ, which I use to share values by which I personally live: leave the comfort zone, work hard and live fully!

And because I am very visual person I will try to present as much of the content as possibly by photos and pictures! With this I’d like to introduce you my new logo visual. I really like combination of classy & modern style and I believe this visual will represent it perfectly.


Let’s do this!