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In love with the new Autoflex peelable paint! New color for the R8?

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Tumblr_static_heavy-breathing-catEver since I bought the Audi R8 I keep thinking how to customize this car to be unique and original, not “just” another R8.

Even before, with the former BMW 3 convertible, I was interested in the chameleon plastidip which is a color that changes depending on the kind of light there is and the angle you are looking at it from. But because I had the huge gold chrome FRESHJAM Media Crew sign on it already I never got to try the plastidip out. But with new car I have a clean slate and I can try anything. Naturally I looked into the chameleon blue and purple-ish plastidip again but many cars have this color today so it didn’t seem all that much interesting anymore…

But! I have discovered this very brand new (January ’16) dip – Autoflex Coating. This is a little closer to the classic paintjob than to just a dip, however it can be still peeled off. And it comes with an option of this one distinctive shade that I absolutely fell in love with: Autoflex ZTR. It is similar to the chameleon plastidip but it has this awesome color option of purple-and-orange combination. So… it looks like this is the color the R8 will wear. Stay tuned!




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