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The R8’s ride for a new paint job!

Published by Viktor Hanacek on 18. 04. 2016

Here we go! I finally managed to get the R8 serviced, fitted with new exhaust and… wait for it… resprayed with a new color! Well, not exactly resprayed it because it is a peelable paint called Autoflex from DipYourCar, that (as I have mentioned in the previous blog post) I…

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Finally back on the road!

Published by Viktor Hanacek on 03. 04. 2016

After several weeks of servicing, during which the R8 got many parts checked and/or exchanged, we are finally back on the road! But the biggest and most important improvement on the car is brand new and custom-made exhaust (video soon). I wanted it LOUD, but when I first started it…

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