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Finally back on the road!

Published by Viktor Hanacek on 03. 04. 2016

After several weeks of servicing, during which the R8 got many parts checked and/or exchanged, we are finally back on the road! But the biggest and most important improvement on the car is brand new and custom-made exhaust (video soon). I wanted it LOUD, but when I first started it…

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Smoke Grenade Photoshoot: Failed

Published by Viktor Hanacek on 06. 02. 2016

These hasty actions… :) Me and my friend Dawe (Nissan 350z) wanted to take some cool photos of our cars with smoke from smoke grenades last weekend. But these NYE fireworks didn’t work as we expected :) so we don’t have any special photos. Despite this, it was fun and that’s what…

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